Part 5 Online and offline brand image, local impact and global significance of the new brand

1. Brand Image

Brand image refers to the manifested features and characteristic of a brand and company in the market and public community, reflecting the brand’s evaluation and cognition of the consumers, it will embody the brand strength in the market (Gross,2013). There are two main approaches, which is online and offline to present the brand image to the customers.


1.1 Online Image

The online image of Flower Children could be communicated to the customers through the official website, it requires the company to optimize the website design constantly, and also they should enhance the online publicity and promotion to increase the brand image (Whitzman,2015). The website design of Flower Children will be themed with elegant, simple, warm and childish elements, it not only inherits the core brand’s style, also has filled with people’s fine emotions, and the customers will believe that Flower Children is modern and minimalist brand with the high quality and creativity. In addition, the promotional videos and pictures could be put in the website, and the company should make the brand’s news, topics and stories via different search engines and networking platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, they could create the brand touching, to link the children with the wedding as a story, in order to build a positive and wonderful brand image in people’s mind.


1.2 Offline Image

To build the offline image, Flower Children could use the offline communication platforms, for example, Flower Children could publicize their product and brand information on the famous fashion magazines and newspapers, thus to create a high-end brand image with fashion sense (Mitchell,n.d.). Furthermore, opening the physical stores is a way to present the brand image to people, when customers are influenced by the visual merchandising and buying environment, they will have a greater recognition to the brand, and trust the brand culture, quality and image. Finally, Flower Children could use the outdoor advertising to put up the billboards and posters in the busy street, shopping malls and amusement places, such as cinemas, the customers will think that Flower Children is a powerful brand which has a strong market competitiveness and reputation. (Hameide,2011)

2. Local impact of the new brand

Due to the fierce market competition in London, many fashion designers who cooperates with retailers, to launch new brands and products for increasing the company’s profits. London has a developed fashion industry, many high-end children’ wear brands are gathered in this city (,2015). The new brand will stimulate city consumption and economy. In 2013 London has held the first ‘Global Kids Fashion Week’, it not attracted various high-end brands, also the local children’s wear industry has paid high attention to this activity (Vogue UK,2015). It means the space of children’s wear market is large, and it requires a lot of fashion element to fill in. Although Flower Children will drive the market competition, but the social development and industrial demand are very needed a new brand to motivate the development of fashion industry.

3. Global significance of the new brand

Along with the development of global economic, Vera Wang has to confront a growing number of competitors, if the company wants to survive, they should carry out diverse degree of the innovations, such as building a new brand. In addition, the appearance of global information network changes the customer’s behaviour, many people demand to experience the new services, brands and products, so a large number of new brands appears to the market is to catch the global market’s needs (Champniss and Rodes Vila, 2011). Overall, global high-income families, high birth rates and the developing fashion trend are influencing the children’s wear industry (PRWeb,2015), it brings many opportunities for Vera Wang to establish Flower Children.


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Part 4 Position of the new line, competitors, brand equity, identity and heritage

1. Position of the new line in relation to the competitors 1

( Image Source: Collezioni, (2015). Armani Junior. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Jun. 2015].

eXtravaganzi, (2014). New Dior Baby / Dior Kids Boutique in Paris – eXtravaganzi. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Jun. 2015]., (2015). Dolce & Gabbana Children Summer Collection 2015. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Jun. 2015]., (2015). Sax Kids | SAX Department Store. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Jun. 2015]. )

Currently there are no companies produce and design children’s wear in wedding industry, however some luxury brands attached great importance to the kid’s wear, such as Armani Junior, Baby Dior, D&G Junior and Gucci. Making the casual and comfortable clothes, the companies also design the tuxedo and dress as the formal style for children attending to some special occasions. The positioning of the brands are targeted to the high-end and middle-high-end consumers, and the prices are quite expensive, for example Armani Junior is around 54-450 pounds, Baby Dior and Gucci are about 100-800 pounds. Their design is much simpler than the adult clothing, they are not too many design elements, but they were all got the heritage of the characteristics from their core brand, such as colours, patterns and fabrics. The difference of Vera Wang Flower Children to these competitors is that the brand does not make the casual clothing, because their core brand is famous on wedding dress, to reflect the original theme of Vera Wang, Flower Children will maintain the design features and style. So that we consider that how the essence of the design could be implanted into the children’s wear. For example, we will use the seasonal design elements and fabrics to the girl’s dress, and make the boy’s tuxedo more delicate and fashionable. In other words, we will use the similar technique and design from the core brand to children’s wear, and make the brand to stand out from the competitors. Flower Children is posited on high-end and middle-high-end market, the price is around 200-700 pounds.

2. Build the brand equity, identity and heritage 222

( Source:, (2015). Vera Wang | XO, Vera | The Pursuit of Love & App-iness — Dedicated Email. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Jun. 2015]. )

Brand equity is relevant to the brand, brand name and logo, it could increase or decrease the brand value of product and service, also it is related to the company assets and liabilities. It mainly involves five aspects that brand loyalty, brand identity, brand reputation and brand association.(Kapferer, 2008) To build brand equity of Flower Children, there are important things below we should pay attention to 1) Establishing the brand reputation could impress brand identity to the customers. 2) Creating a unique brand, and taking a good name is easy for consumers to remember the product band brand. For example, firstly Vera Wang is famous brand, the brand logo is combined with‘V’and‘W’very simple and easy to remember. Secondly, when people think about wedding, they will be easy to associate the flower girls and boys, so Flower Children is very matched the identity value and meaning. 3) Using the advertisement to make the brand promotion, for example, Flower Children could use the social media to publicize the brand information on networking platforms, or exploit the communication technology to create some brand topics via the newspapers and magazines to draw the customer’s attention and lust for buying. 4) Good quality and service will enhance the brand impression to consumers, Flower Children will pay attention to the product innovation, meanwhile it will inherit the original design, brand value and history of the core brand to motivate and cultivate the consuming confidence of customers. Vera Wang was established in 1990, the brand features was to customize the wedding dress, and the design was famous on simple, modern, delicate, light and thin style. These features could be used on children’s wear.

3. Comp-shop report comp-shop report

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Part 3 Target customer of diffusion line, new brand concept and architecture

1. The target customer for the diffusion line


Target customer refers to the company selling the product or service to the consumers who has the needs to buy, to confirm the target customer of the new brand, the company should clear which market could be delivered the brand value. The target customer base can be divided into the different number of dimensions, such as men’s wear, women’s wear, neutral, children and so on, the different combinations have different positioning. Furthermore, the brand positioning also could be based on the ages, occupation, lifestyle to find the target customers.

1.1 Gender


Consumer Gender: Boys & Girls, Female Customers

It is reported that, there are about 40% customers who bought the men’s clothes were women, and over 40% women in the family (she-conomy,2008), they would like to buy the clothes for their kids (Circle of Moms,2015). So Flower Children is a brand for kids, but its target customers are the children’s parents, or mothers.

1.2 Age

Children: 6-12 year-old

Female Customer: 25-35 year-old

Why there are two different customer group to this brand, because the children are not the adults, they do not have the consuming ability, they might have their ideas to choose what they want, but their parents always have the final say to buy the products, or not, because they are adults, and they have the strong consuming power.

1.3 Occupation 

Generally, the family who has the higher household income will more concentrate the wedding form, the flower children will the highlight the wedding ceremony, on one hand people intend to give the best wishes to the couples through the kids, on the other hand they want to show their prominent status of the entire upper class.

1.4 Summary 

Flower Children inherits the brand positioning of Vera Wang

Design for : Children, boys and girls ( 6-12 year-old)

Target customer: High-end, High-middle-end Customers

Style: Simple, Modern, Elegant

2. The concept of the new diffusion line brand


The presence of the diffusion line brand is to attract a wide range of customer, the diffusion line products are not only refined technique, reasonable price, they also increase the brand awareness. Moreover expanding the selling channels, satisfying the different customer base, the diffusion line brand brings a tons of money and profits to the company. Vera Wang is a famous wedding brand, they have had a lot of diffusion line brands targeting to the different market. In my opinion, I believe that wedding is a very sacred ceremony, especially in the high-end household family, they pay more attention to the wedding arrangements, they concentrate on every detail, so I think the flower children will play a important role in the wedding, while Flower Children is a fashion brand for children’s wear, and it is convinced that the rich family would like to buy for their kids to attend the important weddings. (Kilpatrick, 2015)

3. The positioned new line with the over brand architecture


Flower Children is targeted to the high-end customer base, they have a very powerful purchasing ability, they concentrate on the high quality life, luxury, leisure and relaxable. To aim at this group, the brand positioning would be high in the brand architecture. For example, the trench coat of Burberry, the price is about 300-500 pounds, people buying it, almost have a good economic stability. So Flower Children is positioned on high-end stage of the entire brand architecture. Price range: 250-550 pounds.

4. Diffusion line mood board



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Part 2 Brand architecture and position, target customers and competitor

Verawang Private

1. Diffusion line of Vera Wang

When a company has developed to a large scale, along with their a large number of business, they must have their various kinds of brand, such as their own brand, derivative brand, joint-venture brand, and the brand system is certainly more complicated. But how to make the brands with different attributes, characteristic and connotation together, and how to make them becoming an organic brand system to the market, finally how these brands would satisfy the customer in different market segmentation? It is convinced that the company should establish the brand architecture to clear brand’s relationship and positions in the market.

Vera Wang main range collection has three brands, Haute Couture, Bride, Fashion. Vera Wang’s lifestyle collection has nine brands, White by Vera Wang, Black by Vera Wang, Bedding, Eyewear, Papers, Flower, Fragrance, Simply Vera Vera Wang and Tabletop.

1.1 Haute Couture

Vera Wang Haute Couture is high- end brand, all wedding dress or evening dress are bespoke, it must take long period of the production, so the customers should make the reservation in advance, because their dresses might have some changes as the customers required, for example, the customer needs the special tailoring, or they want to have accessorized jewels on their dress. Vera Wang Haute Couture usually requires that the designer has to draw a special design of the dress individually, and pattern maker will finish the garment, then the tailor would complete the tailoring and sewing, in the end the designer will make the final change to match the customer’s shape, then the dress will be presented its best silhouette. Due to the different requirement of design, fabric, quality and craft technique, the price is more expensive than the store selling, So Vera Wang Haute Couture is targeted to the very high-end customers.

Verawang Bride

1.2 Vera Wang Bride

Vera Wang Bride is a high-end wedding brand, this brand via the brand releases, wedding fashion week and fashion magazine to promote and launch their products to the market. Vera Wang Bride wedding series is very typical to represent the design of Vera Wang, for example they are quite simply style, light and thin, without the heavy feeling, moreover its design combines the traditional and modern style, and it is used the superior fabrics and techniques. So Vera Wang Bride is mainly focus on the high-end, middle-and- high end customers.


1.3 White by Vera Wang and Black by Vera Wang

Both of them are more cheaper than Vera Wang Bride, White by Vera Wang is selling the wedding dresses, Black is selling the men’s tuxedos. They are not the flagship brand of Vera Wang, but they are the join venture brand with other companies. Their design remains the original brand features of Vera Wang, they are quite subtle and simple. White and Black by Vera Wang is aimed at middle-end and middle-and-low customers, so their materials, tailoring and design are have the difference than other high-end brands of Vera Wang

1.4 Vera Wang Fashion

It is a ready-to-wear brand of Vera Wang. Vera Wang Fashion would participate the annual fashion week, and has its own fashion show like other luxury brands. The process of design, pattern-making, sewing, finishing, promoting is same as the Vera Wang Bride, but Bride produces the wedding dress, and fashion produces the ready-to-wear. So the brand position is same as Bride to focus on the high-end, high-and-middle customer.

1.5 Simply Vera Vera Wang

Simply by Vera Vera Wang also is a joint venture brand, launched to high street market, the price of Simply Vera Vera Wang is like Uniqlo and H&M, and it only targets to the middle-low-end and low-end customers.

1.6 Summary

Besides the clothing brands, Vera Wang still has many derivative brand, for example Bedding is a brand for bed-linen of Vera Wang, and the price range is about 50-300 pounds. Vera Wang Fragrance is the perfume brand, it is very famous, especially the Princess series. The appearance of Derivative brand is to match the different market needs, they are not only could help the company to expand their brand influence and visibility, but also bring the profits for their flagship brand, because the development of customer base in high-end market is more limited.


2. Brand architecture and position

2.1 The goals of multi-brand architecture

The research above evidences Vera Wang is a multi-brand architecture, according to their different brand identities, Vera Wang wants to divide and posit their brands to different market segmentation, thus to satisfy the different customer needs and consuming behaviour, meanwhile, they could avoid the competition of the brand homogenization in the market through their design and technique.

2.2 Accurate brand positioning

Brand position was presented by AI Ries and Jack Trout in 1972, they are the marketing expert in America. It means that the company should make the distinct brand image for the their product which has the identical function with the competitors, if the customer wants to buy the product, your special brand image would cause them to associate your brand or product, then this is a successful market positioning strategy. Vera Wang established their each brand characteristic using the accurate brand position, each brand represented the part of company image, because when think about the marriage, they must associate the Vera Wang wedding dress.

2.3 Brands coordination

Adopting the Multi-brand architecture is not means that Vera Wang only concentrate to develop the main brands, for their diffusion brands, they basically guarantee the brand operation and provide the appropriate helps, and these helps usually include the sharing information, industry dynamics, material resource and techniques, so that each brand of Vera Wang would be developed, this is the synergistic effect of the multi-brand architecture. For example, White by Vera Wang could be developed as the way of Vera Wang Bride, even through they target to the different market segments, however, there are various information could be used. Furthermore, expanding the market of luxury brand requires amounts of money, the vice-line brands would bring the considerable funds to the main-line brands.

customer profile

3. Customer Profile

The target customers of Vera Wang are mainly divided into four classes.

3.1 Very high-end customers

This type of customers pursues the high life quality, they might be the businessmen, dignitaries, super stars, celebrities who has a high social status, their lifestyle is low-key and luxurious, they do not like the exposure to the public, and their consuming behaviour is concerned to satisfy their life pursuit as a enjoyment. They must not live in the five-star hotel when they are travelling, because they have their own beach house. They hold classical concerts in their own house, and invited the famous art performers.

3.2 High-end customer

This customer base usually participate the social activities and private parties, attending the fashion week, they chase the fashion trends, and have the unique personal style, also they might create their own fashion brand. They might be the starlets, less famous stars and models, people who works in fashion industry, public figures and so on. They would like to wear the luxury brands, and drive the cars from 30,000-100,000 pounds, they maybe attend and hold to the organize the charity events in order to help social development, and gain some profits, or enhance their image price. They will go to the concert and opera, also when they are travelling they would like to live in the luxury hotels.

3.3 Middle-end customers

They are the senior white-collar workers, when they are travelling with their friends, they would like to use booking to find more cheaper hotels, they would like to buy the luxury brands in discount season every year, meanwhile they would often buy the high street brands. One to two months, they would like to visit the Michelin restaurant with the friends or have a date with their girl or boy friends. They like the Friday night with friends and colleagues, on the working day their lifestyle are quite busy and regular, sometimes they will go to the gym.

3.4 Middle-low-end Customer

They usually shop in the high street store, such as Uniqlo, H&M, Zara. They might be a ordinary employers, they like to use the social media to watch videos, pictures, or news about the fashion, and chatting with friends, they do like the Vera Wang brand as well.


4. Competitor analysis

Monique Lhuillier is established in 1996 by Monique Lhuillier and her husband Tom Bugbee. The design of the wedding dress focuses on the handmade technique, remaining the traditional wedding style, it also advocates the avant-garde style. As Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier has a good star effect, the designer always design the wedding dress and evening dress for the female stars. In 2001 and 2002, Monique Lhuillier have won the best wedding designer award of the bridal magazine in America.

4.1 Points-of-parity

The common brand identity, Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang both are known wedding brand, and very famous on their design of wedding dress. These two brand combine the traditional and modern design, similar fabrics, technique, and quality. In addition, these brand operations are quite same, all are the multi-brand architecture, so when the customer intend to buy a wedding dress, Monique Lhuillier would be listed in their shopping list.

4.2 Category Points-of-parity

Monique Lhuillier has different brands, for example Haute Couture customs the special dresses as the customer needs, Bliss Monique Lhuillier is like Vera Wang Bride focusing on wedding collection in every season and it targets to the high-end customer base. Fashion is their ready-to-wear brand position as Bliss, they are the same brand position. In order to expand the production line of the brand, Monique created the lifestyle series, which is tabletop, home fragrance and wedding gift.

4.3 Competitive points-of-parity

Although Monique Lhuillier wedding style combined with traditional and modern design, it is more traditional and formal, it does not use too much modern element, so it looks more heavy and complicated. In addition, their lifestyle brands are fewer than Vera Wang, but it is worth to mention that Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids is very poplar, in different season they will launch their new collection in fashion week, also Monique Lhuillier has the Fine Jewelry, they are very special.

Comparing with the Vera Wang, Vera Wang is more modernizing, light and thin, it avoids the heavy feeling of the traditional wedding dress. Vera Wang does not produce the dress and shoes for Bridesmaid, but they know they are famous wedding brand, so their dress series has four brands target to different classes of customer base, this is a good competitive advantage. In addition Vera Wang created Black by Vera Wang aims to the men’s tuxedo market, and in its lifestyle series, Vera Wang has various kind of brands to overcome Monique Lhuillier, because it provides the customer more choices.


5. The proposal of flower children

Flower children is a brand which I consider to create for Vera Wang as the a diffusion brand. At present in many weddings, people would like to invite the little girls and boys to accompany the couples finishing the wedding ceremony. Children’s wear is more and more important to the fashion industry, many luxury brands created the diffusion line for children’s wear in order to expand their market and to gain more market share. As we know Vera Wang is wedding brand, it already has had the different brands to sell their products to men and women, however they still do have any diffusion line created for children, and the flower girl and boy are more and more important to the wedding ceremony, people concentrate to have this role in the wedding, so I believe that it is a opportunity and also a challenge for Vera Wang to develop this brand.


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Range Pyramid of Vera Wang

VeraWang RP


The wedding dress series on the top from the range pyramid of Vera Wang specially takes the flimsy fabric as the sense of underwear to be the features of their design. The slim brides wearing wedding dress through the thin gauze we can see the looming body, and very sexy. In this series, the dresses are still remain the design of traditional elements, such as the gorgeous ruffles, delicate Chantilly lace and the low-cut neckline, shows the sense of artistic style.


The series of Vera Wang on the middle is quite Modern, simple, elegant and classic. We can see the advanced lace, dimensional tailoring, and the very smooth drape full skirt as the stereo feather. Furthermore, the black decorative accessories on the dress with the gauze look very beautiful and fashionable. The highlight in this series is the big bow, and we can see there are different colours used on the design of their wedding dress

In addition, in this range Vera Wang has diversified into ready-to-wear fashion. Fashion trends are changing fast, the popular elements are always turn around. Each season will have a different theme, but no matter what is popular at present, they will ultimately go back to nature, and all will be re-shuffled. Recently there is a new fashion style called ‘Normcore’ which advocates the simple dressing style,it looks like very normal , but very stylish and chic. I think Vera Wang have captured this essence of the style. The picture from the range pyramid shows that they are only the black and white colours.


The basic range is mainly produced by its vice-line brand‘White by Vera Wang’ They mostly use the white colour, their styles includes the stomacher tyle nuptial dress, one shouldered dress, trapeze dress. The design is very simple, but they look very elegant and generous. Whether the price or design are quite suitable the majority of the bride, moreover Vera Wang also produces the perfumes and eyewear to extend the brand production line.


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The Brand Brief of Vera Wang ( Part 1)

Vera Wang1

Brand Introduction

Vera Wang is a well-known luxury wedding brands which is same as the its designer name. In the annual Academy Award, the clothes designed by Vera Wang have always been popular to the female stars. Vera Wang wedding dress is as precious as the diamond ring, it could symbolize the love commitment. As we know the price of a Vera Wang wedding dress is enough to buy a luxury car, but people are always flocking to this brand.

According to the financial report of Vera Wang indicated that their annual revenue has reached twenty million. There was a question, why the price of Vera Wang is so expensive, and their target customer base is relatively limited as well, the profits have always been increasing? Frist of all, we have to know how does Vera Wang to be famous so much. Regarding the brand research, almost Vera Wang has designed for the Hollywood stars and high society ladies in the important ceremony every year, such as Sharon Stone, Kate Hudson, even Jennifer Lopez, her wedding dress was designed by Vera Wang. Obviously, Vera Wang has had a great star effect. It proves that each set of Vera Wang dresses is valuable, however people choose it because they believe the words from Vera Wang that you could be the best and most attractive and touching protagonist on your wedding. The design style of Vera Wang is extremely simple and smooth, they are not affected by the trend, and make the brides looking like a very beautiful crafted art works.

 Vera Wang 2

The product categories

Women’s clothing, wedding dresses, accessories, furniture, sunglasses, perfumes, tableware gifts

Diffusion brands of Vera Wang

  1. Vera Wang Lavender Label is Vice-line brands of Vera Wang. The products mainly target to middle-end consumer base, and the price is approximately between 100 pounds to 500 pounds.
  2. Simply Vera Vera Wang is worked with the US department store Kohl’s, and this brand focus on the low-end consumer group, and the price is between 30 pounds to 60 pounds
  3. Vera Wang Princess is the Vera Wang perfume brand, the price is about 50 pounds
  4. White by Vera Wang is the is the Vice-line brand of Vera Wang wedding dress, the price is relatively cheaper. Since 2011, White by Vera Wang has began worked with David’s Bridal. This brand launched a wedding dress, bridal shoes and groomsmen dress series. The price of White by Vera Wang wedding dresses are about 350 pounds to 800 pounds, and bridesmaid dresses are about 150 pounds, bridal shoes prices are around 70 pounds.
  5. Black by Vera Wang is a tuxedo brand for men, and it worked with the apparel manufacturer‘Flow Formalwear’. The products have two main colours which is black and grey, and its design is very thin and comfortable.

Vera Wang 3

Designer brief

Vera Wang was born in Manhattan in a Chinese family , she moved to Paris with her parents in 19 years old. Her mother liked to watch the fashion show, so Vera Wang usually was with her mother to attend various fashion show in Paris, and she was really interesting to the fashion design. Vera Wang was a figure skater, and she has participated the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, later because of her personal experience, she was diverted into the fashion industry. Vera Wang had majored in Sarah Lawrence College Art History subject in Paris, after graduation, the young Vera Wang found a job in Vogue magazine. Through the working experience she has known the fashion industry, and she has become a senior fashion editor as well.

In 1988, Vera Wang jumped to the world-famous fashion brands ‘Ralph Lauren’ and worked as a costume design director, after two years, she decided to create her own clothing brand.

In 1990, Vera Wang opened her first store in Manhattan, and only making the high-priced wedding dress. In addition her modern, simple and noble design style have broken the complicated and heavy tradition of wedding dress, and opened up the brand awareness in high society.

In 2000, Vera Wang launched the high haute couture series.

In 2005, Vera Wang won the ‘Best Women’s Designer of the Year’ from the U.S. Fashion Designers Association. The following year she gained the Andre Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award from Savannah College of Art and Design

In 2010, Vera Wang designed the wedding dress for Chelsea Clinton.


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