The Brand Brief of Vera Wang ( Part 1)

Vera Wang1

Brand Introduction

Vera Wang is a well-known luxury wedding brands which is same as the its designer name. In the annual Academy Award, the clothes designed by Vera Wang have always been popular to the female stars. Vera Wang wedding dress is as precious as the diamond ring, it could symbolize the love commitment. As we know the price of a Vera Wang wedding dress is enough to buy a luxury car, but people are always flocking to this brand.

According to the financial report of Vera Wang indicated that their annual revenue has reached twenty million. There was a question, why the price of Vera Wang is so expensive, and their target customer base is relatively limited as well, the profits have always been increasing? Frist of all, we have to know how does Vera Wang to be famous so much. Regarding the brand research, almost Vera Wang has designed for the Hollywood stars and high society ladies in the important ceremony every year, such as Sharon Stone, Kate Hudson, even Jennifer Lopez, her wedding dress was designed by Vera Wang. Obviously, Vera Wang has had a great star effect. It proves that each set of Vera Wang dresses is valuable, however people choose it because they believe the words from Vera Wang that you could be the best and most attractive and touching protagonist on your wedding. The design style of Vera Wang is extremely simple and smooth, they are not affected by the trend, and make the brides looking like a very beautiful crafted art works.

 Vera Wang 2

The product categories

Women’s clothing, wedding dresses, accessories, furniture, sunglasses, perfumes, tableware gifts

Diffusion brands of Vera Wang

  1. Vera Wang Lavender Label is Vice-line brands of Vera Wang. The products mainly target to middle-end consumer base, and the price is approximately between 100 pounds to 500 pounds.
  2. Simply Vera Vera Wang is worked with the US department store Kohl’s, and this brand focus on the low-end consumer group, and the price is between 30 pounds to 60 pounds
  3. Vera Wang Princess is the Vera Wang perfume brand, the price is about 50 pounds
  4. White by Vera Wang is the is the Vice-line brand of Vera Wang wedding dress, the price is relatively cheaper. Since 2011, White by Vera Wang has began worked with David’s Bridal. This brand launched a wedding dress, bridal shoes and groomsmen dress series. The price of White by Vera Wang wedding dresses are about 350 pounds to 800 pounds, and bridesmaid dresses are about 150 pounds, bridal shoes prices are around 70 pounds.
  5. Black by Vera Wang is a tuxedo brand for men, and it worked with the apparel manufacturer‘Flow Formalwear’. The products have two main colours which is black and grey, and its design is very thin and comfortable.

Vera Wang 3

Designer brief

Vera Wang was born in Manhattan in a Chinese family , she moved to Paris with her parents in 19 years old. Her mother liked to watch the fashion show, so Vera Wang usually was with her mother to attend various fashion show in Paris, and she was really interesting to the fashion design. Vera Wang was a figure skater, and she has participated the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, later because of her personal experience, she was diverted into the fashion industry. Vera Wang had majored in Sarah Lawrence College Art History subject in Paris, after graduation, the young Vera Wang found a job in Vogue magazine. Through the working experience she has known the fashion industry, and she has become a senior fashion editor as well.

In 1988, Vera Wang jumped to the world-famous fashion brands ‘Ralph Lauren’ and worked as a costume design director, after two years, she decided to create her own clothing brand.

In 1990, Vera Wang opened her first store in Manhattan, and only making the high-priced wedding dress. In addition her modern, simple and noble design style have broken the complicated and heavy tradition of wedding dress, and opened up the brand awareness in high society.

In 2000, Vera Wang launched the high haute couture series.

In 2005, Vera Wang won the ‘Best Women’s Designer of the Year’ from the U.S. Fashion Designers Association. The following year she gained the Andre Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award from Savannah College of Art and Design

In 2010, Vera Wang designed the wedding dress for Chelsea Clinton.


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