Range Pyramid of Vera Wang

VeraWang RP


The wedding dress series on the top from the range pyramid of Vera Wang specially takes the flimsy fabric as the sense of underwear to be the features of their design. The slim brides wearing wedding dress through the thin gauze we can see the looming body, and very sexy. In this series, the dresses are still remain the design of traditional elements, such as the gorgeous ruffles, delicate Chantilly lace and the low-cut neckline, shows the sense of artistic style.


The series of Vera Wang on the middle is quite Modern, simple, elegant and classic. We can see the advanced lace, dimensional tailoring, and the very smooth drape full skirt as the stereo feather. Furthermore, the black decorative accessories on the dress with the gauze look very beautiful and fashionable. The highlight in this series is the big bow, and we can see there are different colours used on the design of their wedding dress

In addition, in this range Vera Wang has diversified into ready-to-wear fashion. Fashion trends are changing fast, the popular elements are always turn around. Each season will have a different theme, but no matter what is popular at present, they will ultimately go back to nature, and all will be re-shuffled. Recently there is a new fashion style called ‘Normcore’ which advocates the simple dressing style,it looks like very normal , but very stylish and chic. I think Vera Wang have captured this essence of the style. The picture from the range pyramid shows that they are only the black and white colours.


The basic range is mainly produced by its vice-line brand‘White by Vera Wang’ They mostly use the white colour, their styles includes the stomacher tyle nuptial dress, one shouldered dress, trapeze dress. The design is very simple, but they look very elegant and generous. Whether the price or design are quite suitable the majority of the bride, moreover Vera Wang also produces the perfumes and eyewear to extend the brand production line.


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