Part 3 Target customer of diffusion line, new brand concept and architecture

1. The target customer for the diffusion line


Target customer refers to the company selling the product or service to the consumers who has the needs to buy, to confirm the target customer of the new brand, the company should clear which market could be delivered the brand value. The target customer base can be divided into the different number of dimensions, such as men’s wear, women’s wear, neutral, children and so on, the different combinations have different positioning. Furthermore, the brand positioning also could be based on the ages, occupation, lifestyle to find the target customers.

1.1 Gender


Consumer Gender: Boys & Girls, Female Customers

It is reported that, there are about 40% customers who bought the men’s clothes were women, and over 40% women in the family (she-conomy,2008), they would like to buy the clothes for their kids (Circle of Moms,2015). So Flower Children is a brand for kids, but its target customers are the children’s parents, or mothers.

1.2 Age

Children: 6-12 year-old

Female Customer: 25-35 year-old

Why there are two different customer group to this brand, because the children are not the adults, they do not have the consuming ability, they might have their ideas to choose what they want, but their parents always have the final say to buy the products, or not, because they are adults, and they have the strong consuming power.

1.3 Occupation 

Generally, the family who has the higher household income will more concentrate the wedding form, the flower children will the highlight the wedding ceremony, on one hand people intend to give the best wishes to the couples through the kids, on the other hand they want to show their prominent status of the entire upper class.

1.4 Summary 

Flower Children inherits the brand positioning of Vera Wang

Design for : Children, boys and girls ( 6-12 year-old)

Target customer: High-end, High-middle-end Customers

Style: Simple, Modern, Elegant

2. The concept of the new diffusion line brand


The presence of the diffusion line brand is to attract a wide range of customer, the diffusion line products are not only refined technique, reasonable price, they also increase the brand awareness. Moreover expanding the selling channels, satisfying the different customer base, the diffusion line brand brings a tons of money and profits to the company. Vera Wang is a famous wedding brand, they have had a lot of diffusion line brands targeting to the different market. In my opinion, I believe that wedding is a very sacred ceremony, especially in the high-end household family, they pay more attention to the wedding arrangements, they concentrate on every detail, so I think the flower children will play a important role in the wedding, while Flower Children is a fashion brand for children’s wear, and it is convinced that the rich family would like to buy for their kids to attend the important weddings. (Kilpatrick, 2015)

3. The positioned new line with the over brand architecture


Flower Children is targeted to the high-end customer base, they have a very powerful purchasing ability, they concentrate on the high quality life, luxury, leisure and relaxable. To aim at this group, the brand positioning would be high in the brand architecture. For example, the trench coat of Burberry, the price is about 300-500 pounds, people buying it, almost have a good economic stability. So Flower Children is positioned on high-end stage of the entire brand architecture. Price range: 250-550 pounds.

4. Diffusion line mood board



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