Part 4 Position of the new line, competitors, brand equity, identity and heritage

1. Position of the new line in relation to the competitors 1

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Currently there are no companies produce and design children’s wear in wedding industry, however some luxury brands attached great importance to the kid’s wear, such as Armani Junior, Baby Dior, D&G Junior and Gucci. Making the casual and comfortable clothes, the companies also design the tuxedo and dress as the formal style for children attending to some special occasions. The positioning of the brands are targeted to the high-end and middle-high-end consumers, and the prices are quite expensive, for example Armani Junior is around 54-450 pounds, Baby Dior and Gucci are about 100-800 pounds. Their design is much simpler than the adult clothing, they are not too many design elements, but they were all got the heritage of the characteristics from their core brand, such as colours, patterns and fabrics. The difference of Vera Wang Flower Children to these competitors is that the brand does not make the casual clothing, because their core brand is famous on wedding dress, to reflect the original theme of Vera Wang, Flower Children will maintain the design features and style. So that we consider that how the essence of the design could be implanted into the children’s wear. For example, we will use the seasonal design elements and fabrics to the girl’s dress, and make the boy’s tuxedo more delicate and fashionable. In other words, we will use the similar technique and design from the core brand to children’s wear, and make the brand to stand out from the competitors. Flower Children is posited on high-end and middle-high-end market, the price is around 200-700 pounds.

2. Build the brand equity, identity and heritage 222

( Source:, (2015). Vera Wang | XO, Vera | The Pursuit of Love & App-iness — Dedicated Email. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Jun. 2015]. )

Brand equity is relevant to the brand, brand name and logo, it could increase or decrease the brand value of product and service, also it is related to the company assets and liabilities. It mainly involves five aspects that brand loyalty, brand identity, brand reputation and brand association.(Kapferer, 2008) To build brand equity of Flower Children, there are important things below we should pay attention to 1) Establishing the brand reputation could impress brand identity to the customers. 2) Creating a unique brand, and taking a good name is easy for consumers to remember the product band brand. For example, firstly Vera Wang is famous brand, the brand logo is combined with‘V’and‘W’very simple and easy to remember. Secondly, when people think about wedding, they will be easy to associate the flower girls and boys, so Flower Children is very matched the identity value and meaning. 3) Using the advertisement to make the brand promotion, for example, Flower Children could use the social media to publicize the brand information on networking platforms, or exploit the communication technology to create some brand topics via the newspapers and magazines to draw the customer’s attention and lust for buying. 4) Good quality and service will enhance the brand impression to consumers, Flower Children will pay attention to the product innovation, meanwhile it will inherit the original design, brand value and history of the core brand to motivate and cultivate the consuming confidence of customers. Vera Wang was established in 1990, the brand features was to customize the wedding dress, and the design was famous on simple, modern, delicate, light and thin style. These features could be used on children’s wear.

3. Comp-shop report comp-shop report

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