Part 5 Online and offline brand image, local impact and global significance of the new brand

1. Brand Image

Brand image refers to the manifested features and characteristic of a brand and company in the market and public community, reflecting the brand’s evaluation and cognition of the consumers, it will embody the brand strength in the market (Gross,2013). There are two main approaches, which is online and offline to present the brand image to the customers.


1.1 Online Image

The online image of Flower Children could be communicated to the customers through the official website, it requires the company to optimize the website design constantly, and also they should enhance the online publicity and promotion to increase the brand image (Whitzman,2015). The website design of Flower Children will be themed with elegant, simple, warm and childish elements, it not only inherits the core brand’s style, also has filled with people’s fine emotions, and the customers will believe that Flower Children is modern and minimalist brand with the high quality and creativity. In addition, the promotional videos and pictures could be put in the website, and the company should make the brand’s news, topics and stories via different search engines and networking platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, they could create the brand touching, to link the children with the wedding as a story, in order to build a positive and wonderful brand image in people’s mind.


1.2 Offline Image

To build the offline image, Flower Children could use the offline communication platforms, for example, Flower Children could publicize their product and brand information on the famous fashion magazines and newspapers, thus to create a high-end brand image with fashion sense (Mitchell,n.d.). Furthermore, opening the physical stores is a way to present the brand image to people, when customers are influenced by the visual merchandising and buying environment, they will have a greater recognition to the brand, and trust the brand culture, quality and image. Finally, Flower Children could use the outdoor advertising to put up the billboards and posters in the busy street, shopping malls and amusement places, such as cinemas, the customers will think that Flower Children is a powerful brand which has a strong market competitiveness and reputation. (Hameide,2011)

2. Local impact of the new brand

Due to the fierce market competition in London, many fashion designers who cooperates with retailers, to launch new brands and products for increasing the company’s profits. London has a developed fashion industry, many high-end children’ wear brands are gathered in this city (,2015). The new brand will stimulate city consumption and economy. In 2013 London has held the first ‘Global Kids Fashion Week’, it not attracted various high-end brands, also the local children’s wear industry has paid high attention to this activity (Vogue UK,2015). It means the space of children’s wear market is large, and it requires a lot of fashion element to fill in. Although Flower Children will drive the market competition, but the social development and industrial demand are very needed a new brand to motivate the development of fashion industry.

3. Global significance of the new brand

Along with the development of global economic, Vera Wang has to confront a growing number of competitors, if the company wants to survive, they should carry out diverse degree of the innovations, such as building a new brand. In addition, the appearance of global information network changes the customer’s behaviour, many people demand to experience the new services, brands and products, so a large number of new brands appears to the market is to catch the global market’s needs (Champniss and Rodes Vila, 2011). Overall, global high-income families, high birth rates and the developing fashion trend are influencing the children’s wear industry (PRWeb,2015), it brings many opportunities for Vera Wang to establish Flower Children.


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